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Bic surfboard range available

Surf Boards Tasmania 

Here at Hobart Stand Up Paddle and Surf, we offer Bic and G-Board brand surfboards for beginners and intermediate surfers in Hobart Tasmania.  Bic make excellent boards known for their durability which is reassuring when learning. The boards are shaped by some of the worlds best surfers including one Australian legend and are designed for stability, ease of paddling and progressing.

We are happy to help you select gear and we have a few demo boards so you can try before you buy.

The Brands we Recommend

BIC Surf

The Bic ACS range has been developed for riders from entry level through to intermediate and advanced riders.  The beauty in theses boards is their durability and design.  Made with a hard external coating, they can take a few knocks which makes them great for traveling and when learning.

They are shaped for easy and early take off which allows riders to catch more waves.  This is great because the more waves you catch the quicker you progress.  Some people will buy a cheap second hand board to start out on but is it designed for your riding ability?  Bic ACS surfboards are exceptional value for money.  It's well worth getting one.

Bic have been making water sports equipment since the 1970's. They use leading shapers like Australian legend Darrell Dell "Rooster" to his friends, Americans Peter Pan and Bop Pearson also French former European surf champion Gerard Dabbadie.

For many years Australian long boarder Nat Young was a Bic team rider and Bic have a 9'4" long board named in his honour.


"Original" G-Boards are legendary Australian surf school surfboards.  We supply the "classic" range which is a lighter version of the surf school boards.  G-Boards are foam or soft boards for kids or anyone concerned with potential injury from impact from their board.  

The benefit for G-Boards over many other soft boards is that the have real surf board rocker and rails.  That means you can turn the boards whereas some other foam boards are just designed to go straight.  If you buy a soft board without proper surf board features, it will inhibit your ability to progress and you will be looking at replacing that board sooner than you might have needed to.

We are only too happy to answer any questions you have regards these boards.