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Buy stand up paddle boards and surfboards online

We are happy to help you buy stand up paddle boards and surfboards online. Apart from online sales of surfboards, stand up paddle boards and gear, we also provide the following services to help you:

Stand Up Paddle Lesson

Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons

Having some lessons is a good way to start out experiencing SUP.  Using lesson plans that  have been tried and tested all over the world is an excellent way to get you up and paddling with good technique from your first lesson.

At Hobart Stand Up Paddle and Surf, we recommend Bic Life which is an ASI accredited SUP School.   By using an ASI accredited school you will receive the same instruction wherever you are.  That means if you have a lesson while on holidays overseas or on the mainland with another ASI accredited school, you will be taught the same methods and techniques here in Hobart too. 

Group (2 or more people) and private lessons are available.

Demo and Hire SUP and Surf gear Tasmania

Demo & Hire Boards

Hiring a board is a good option if you are visiting Tasmania and you are unable to bring your board with you or you may want to practice the skills you've learnt in a SUP lesson on your own time before buying a board.

We also have Bic ACS surfboards for demo or hire. Trying a board before you buy it is a good option to make sure it's the right one for you.

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Sales & State Government PFD regulations

Here at Hobart Stand Up Paddle & Surf we are here to help you select a board to suit you or if you know what you want, we're happy to supply it.  We offer after sales phone and online help at no additional cost to you.  

We also carry surf and SUP accessories like leg leashes, wax, specialty roof rack tie downs, rail tape and instant ding repair kits.  Even PFD's and tow lines for SUP.  

State Government Regulations for SUP in Tasmania

There are State Government regulations relating to SUP use in Tasmanian waters; inland and coastal areas.  We are able to provide you with information from MAST on which PFD type is required at all locations in Tasmanian waters and any exclusions. See Stand Up Paddle page.