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Keep WARM this winter with LAVACORE

Posted on 2 June, 2015 at 22:00 Comments comments (0)

Product Launch - Keep warm this winter with Lavacore


Introducing LAVACORE – Helping extend your season through the colder months.


Now that the weather has turned cold it can be hard to get motivated to get out into or on the cold water and cold winds; even if you have a 3/4mm or 4/5mm wetsuit.


Lavacore is a thermal designed for the aquatic environment having water shedding, wind proof and water wicking properties amongst others.


The fabric isn’t restrictive like neoprene is and the garments can you warn as a top layer or under a wetsuit or dry top/suits.

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Buy Surfboards & SUP's 6 Months Interest Free Terms

Posted on 3 September, 2014 at 23:15 Comments comments (0)

You may be thinking of financing your board purchase on ‘interest free terms’.

Financing your surf and paddle gear on ‘interest free’ terms can be a good option to help you own a surfboard or stand up paddle board now, especially over the Christmas period, budgeting for a birthday or anniversary present or while you are waiting for your tax return to arrive.

The information provided here is general in nature and is intended only to make you aware of interest free terms on purchases over $250 using ‘6 months interest free’ credit cards. We are not affiliated with the products in any way.

Remember ‘interest free’ only applies if you meet your contractual repayment obligations for the ‘interest free period’. Annual and/or monthly card/account fees and other fees need to be taken into consideration too. We are in no way associated with these cards or their issuing/parent companies. Please read Choice articles on ‘interest free’ purchasing also.

Whilst researching options to offer customers for ‘interest free’ terms, we came across these two credit cards that offer ‘6 months interest free’ on purchases over $250. Purchases on the cards aren’t restricted to large franchised stores, department stores or buying groups. They are GE’s GEM Visa card and the 180 Visa card. These cards may suit you or there maybe other personal finance options that would suit you better. Please contact the card issuer directly if you have any questions regarding their products. We have only provided the links for general information or you to consider.

The important things to consider regarding financing your board purchase are (1) will you be able to meet the repayment schedule including all fees and charges and (2) what will the final cost of the financed gear be?

If all else fails there is always an old fashioned lay-buy or a deposit down to hold and item for a longer period.

If you live of the Mainland, you can purchase Bic surfboards and stand up paddle boards from Bic Life who deliver to most places in Australia at not extra cost.

Contact us if you have any questions.


New BIC Tracer - Carbon SUP Series

Posted on 7 August, 2014 at 23:05 Comments comments (1)

Arriving for the 2014-15 season is the new Bic Tracer Stand Up Paddle board range.

For this season there are 3 boards, two 12’6” in 27” and 29” widths and a 14’ x 28” board.

There is a demo board in NSW. The board has received rave reviews from local riders.

High end materials have been used in the construction of the Tracer’s including carbon fiber. Bic has been able to hold the price down at where other brands have placed their wood sandwich construction boards. That means you can get a beautiful carbon board at about $1000.00 (AUD) less than other brands.

Stock is scheduled to arrive in Australia mid September. We have taken forward orders already for these boards based on Bic’s reputation on building quality gear and the reviews it has received in Australia.

Call or email arrange one to be secured for you or to express an interest.

Learning to surf? Stuff you should know first and help in progressing.

Posted on 30 July, 2014 at 23:45 Comments comments (0)

Pro-surfer’s riding abilities are awesome. They are however professional surfers. Whilst their boards look pretty cool they are not suitable to learn on.

Some have made the mistake of even thinking any cheap second had long board would be ideal to learn to surf on because it’s long. Is that really the case?

To increase your success and enjoyment, it is important to get a board with enough volume for your body weight and with design features for maximum stability, easy to paddle out through the surf and to paddle to catch the waves.

You will need to be able to paddle your board to match the speed and power of the waves.  It's a good idea to practice paddling in calm water to build up your muscles. Rest your back from time to time as the lower back can start to ache.

Some long boards have design features as for performance boards for experienced riders and can be hard to control in the surf for a beginner.

“Practice makes perfect”. Have you heard that statement before? It is true? If you are practicing a skill incorrectly your progression will be slow. Keep practicing a skill incorrectly and you will always do it incorrectly.

“Perfect practice makes perfect” is more accurate. Make sure have a reasonable level of fitness and take breaks so you don’t fatigue too much. With the advent of ‘GoPro’ type cameras, video analysis apps are also valuable tools to improve your technique.

So, which board should you choose to learn on? What other gear will you need?

Bic have a learn to surf video series which will help you choose a board with the correct length and design features for learners and we encourage you to watch.  It also covers advanced moves.

Call us if you have any questions. Watch Video from Bic Life's site.

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